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Cindy & Lilly

Laughter is Always The Best Medicine!

Seeing a child smile is like watching a ray of sunshine piercing through an early morning cloud. It’s powerful, it’s humbling and it’s inspiring, all at the same time. Few other human behaviors have the power to move us in such a way. For some folks, spreading joy and laughter to children is more that a gift, it’s a life long passion that they could not easily be kept from. Local resident and accredited Life Coach, Cynthia R. Zeldin, M.S. is one of those individuals. Cindy’s positive spirit is most certainly undeniable, but some might argue that it’s her trusted and loyal assistant, Lily, a registered Therapy Dog, that gives this local hero, real Super Power. Lily is registered through Therapy Dogs, Inc.

Lily is a very special, two year old Havanese, from Havana, Cuba. Havanese are a gentle breed who looks like a mix between Maltese and Shih tzu and is incredibly smart and great with kids. The Havanese were originally bred by aristocrats in pre revolutionary Cuba, and arrived in the US in the late 1950s. To become a registered Therapy Dog, Lily had to be up to date with her medical records, pass several training and obedience tests and exhibit good manners over the course of several sessions.

Cynthia and her assistant, Lily, visit children, families, and seniors throughout our area hoping to bring smiles to their faces and warmth to their hearts. Together, they interact with, sing-a-long, and play games while teaching important life lessons to children and sharing treasured moments of companionship with seniors. These two Life Coaches offer more healing and happiness in a single session, than most other therapies can offer in an extended series. Kids of all ages wishing to meet Lily, can visit The Peachtree City Public Library on Thursdays at 4pm. Parents should call ahead to verify the current schedule.

The power of Cindy's smile, and the gift of her kind words, along with Lily’s upbeat positive energy are enough to turn any frown upside down no matter what situation in life someone may currently find themselves in. You may have heard it said that a positive attitude can be contagious, well spend a couple moments with Cindy and Lily and you will surely see just how true that age old adage can be.

Cindy has been a practicing therapist for over 35 years. She has spent 11 of those years right here in Peachtree City. Her life’s work has always been about helping people. These days Cindy is still an accredited Life Coach who helps people through difficult situations. Whether it’s a bump in the road for married couples, or an individual dealing with a difficult life circumstance, Cynthia’s unique approach to therapy is by design, there to help you make it through hard times, with a little joy and laughter.


Contact: Cynthia Zeldin

If you want to learn more about Cynthia and Lily’s unique approach to therapy, contact Cynthia Zeldin

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