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Photo Credit: Atul Khasnis Photography

Meet Row America Peachtree

Founded in 2015 as Peachtree City Rowing Club, the center was formed to bring the highly popular sport of rowing to Peachtree City, Georgia. By partnering with RowAmerica in 2016, PCRC has affirmed its commitment to bring opportunities for rowing and watersports to the community through youth, adult, adaptive, corporate and group programming and events.

RowAmerica, a national organization specializing in expanding rowing in communities across the country, brings experienced coaching staff, new equipment, and proven programming and training structures for all levels of participation. PCRC continues to support the development of rowing within the community by providing youth scholarships and sourcing funding for expanded facilities through its partnership with Fayette County.


We are passionate about rowing. We’re energized about growing and nurturing our sport, from the bottom up. We’ve seen first-hand the positive transformation it’s had on thousands of young individuals and our goal is to amplify that impact. RowAmerica is driven by a desire to support, promote, and expand the sport of rowing. Contact Us:

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