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Photo Credit: Atul Khasnis Photography

Helping Kids Dream Big!

Take a stroll through the perfectly manicured streets of one of Peachtree City’s beautiful neighborhoods, and you are bound to run into one, or those classic all American summertime symbols of budding enterprise, The Lemonade Stand. It’s the original “Pop-Up Market” concept, and almost always makes us smile. But have you ever wondered what really makes some kids want to launch a business? Is it because Mom and Dad own a business? Is it because its fun to create and trade? Whatever it is, it’s clear that even in this digital age we live in, kids are still dreaming big and setting up shop the old fashion way.

On May 02, 2017 the Peachtree City Farmers Market hosted a fun and exciting Kids Market Day where nearly 20 budding entrepreneurs came to Market to sell a wide range of handmade products including baked goods, jewelry, drawings, paintings, pillows and more. It was a super fun filled afternoon for all participants and our Market Shoppers were very impressed with the products our pint size moguls brought to market.

The Tamara Bourne Team at Keller Williams, Atlanta Partners Realty, understands that. They know that home isn’t just where the heart is, its the place where tomorrow’s business men and women are learning to express themselves creatively, while developing an understanding of how the world of trade really works. That’s why they chose to support the Peachtree City Famers Market Kids Market Day event. Tamara Bourne said, “I think this is a wonderful thing for the kids in our community! Andrew and I have always encouraged our kids to do what makes them happy and do it with conviction and commitment.”

According to a recent study by the “American Psychological Association”, if you grew up in a self-employed household, chances are good you too may be an entrepreneur. My father was a Lobster Fisherman in Key West, Florida for most of my childhood. For him, going to work was more than just fun for, it was a big part of who he was. That is what inspired me to always look for ways to earn a living by doing something I love. That’s why I’ve had a passion for starting and growing businesses for as long as I can remember.

One of the best things about being a kid is being able to dream without limits. There is something truly magical in that. So, on a cold day in March of the year 2017, twenty dedicated, passionate, hard working kids from Peachtree City helped me remember why it was, I decided to follow my own path, to believe in my own dreams and to never stop chasing them! I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon at work! Kids Market days are here to stay at Peachtree City Farmers Market. Stay Tuned to for more information!

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