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Photo Credit: Atul Khasnis Photography

PTC Safety Ambassador

One of the best things about living in such a wonderful community as Peachtree City is taking in the natural setting of this incredible oasis we call home. Whether you like to take the dog out for a morning walk, go for a jog around the lake on a lazy Sunday or like to take the kids out for an evening ride on the Golf Cart, caution and courtesy should always be the order of the moment. Our beautiful nature trails and multi-use path system is designed to be shared by all who use them. That means showing your friends and neighbors common courtesy when enjoying our amenities.

Local resident Jeanne Bowers has been walking on Peachtree City’s paths for over 20 years. She has had more than her fair share of near misses. That’s why she’s launched a one woman crusade to raise awareness for those of us who use the paths for more than just motoring around on a Golf Cart. Surely a huge part of the allure of the PTC path system, is its scenic winding trails through some of our City’s most lush and forested areas. However, PTC’s paths were designed for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists alike. That means that when you are out for the perfect ride one of our legendary beautiful Fall days, you should keep and eye out for others.

Life at 15MPH means slowing down and enjoying your surroundings while you are out rolling around on the paths. Be courteous to others and share the paths with walkers, cyclists and runners, we are all members of one of the greatest communities on Earth. The path system maintains a speed limit of 15MPH and golf carts must be regulated for speed to ensure safe operation throughout the city. However, when you are walking your pet or going for an evening stroll and a Golf Cart comes barreling up behind you at maximum speed, accidents could easily happen.

Jeanne is a counselor and practice manager at a local Integrative Medicine practice. She understands all too well the benefits of getting out in nature and working through the challenges of the day with some good healthy exercise. So when she noticed that carts were often zipping by without slowing down or exercise safety precautions, she decided to do something about it. She got a Please Slow Down road sign, fashioned a lovely glow in the dark running vest and hit the paths walking like she always has. Only, this time something would be different. This time, she would use that time to help raise awareness for safety.

Soon Jeanne’s friends in the Life In The PTC Bubble face group and throughout the community kept thanking her for taking a stance and doing something to let people know that these aren’t just golf cart paths, they are multi-use paths and common courtesy when approaching walkers, cyclists and runners is very important, and more importantly, much appreciated by those using the path system off the cart. We were so inspired, by Mrs. Bowers, that we have decided to create a special LITPTCB Group design for Tee-Shirts and other apparel so that all Bubblers can support Jeanne’s cause and help slow down cart drivers, and keep our paths safe for all of those who use it. The Tee-Shirts are available in a men’s style, a women’s style and a long sleeve shirt. Join Jeanne’s crusade and help her send a message that’s worth paying attention to. A portion of every sale will be donated to Keep Peachtree City Beautiful non profit organization.

The next time you are rushing from location to location in and around the bubble, remember to take a moment to slow down for walkers, cyclists and runners. Share the paths!

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