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A Peachtree City Mystery

A Peachtree City Mystery

By: Laura Soper

The front entrance to Arbor Terrace, a senior living facility in Peachtree City, has recently been the site of mysterious and somewhat sheepish activities. As Nan Lester, Senior Care Sales Counselor, drove into work on Sunday, March 13, the two decorative sheep adorning the entranceway had apparently given birth to two precious lambs overnight! Where did these two Sunday morning surprises come from? Nan has no idea. She asked all of the staff, and no one knew (or admitted) to anything. With the average age of the residents being 86 years old, she doubted that any of the residents would be responsible for this mysterious addition. Finally she asked on the Life in the PTC Bubble Facebook page, but not a single person responded with any clues as to the lambs’ origin. Everyone is dumbfounded…or are they?

The Lambs at Arbor Terrace Mystery begins…

First of all, let’s start at the beginning…what is up with the two sheep that appeared at Arbor Terrace in February? That is no mystery according to Nan Lester as she was the one who ordered them and had them placed out front. “Our parent company, the Arbor Company, had placed sheep like these in front of one of their facilities in Texas, and it created quite a buzz in the community. I thought we could do the same here. I planned to dress them up for different holidays each month.” Contrary to urban legends that are being created and passed around, there is no real “story” behind the sheep. The sheep are a marketing tool, and that is all. Then out of the blue, two little lambs appeared. Nan and her staff were confused but thrilled with the adorable additions to the wooly scene,

but before you could spin a yarn, the little lambs vanished! On Friday night after five days as proud parents, Mama and Papa lost their newborn sheep and couldn’t tell where to find them. As the nursery rhyme goes, if you “leave them alone, they will come home wagging their tails behind them” and so they did! After making a plea on Facebook regarding the appearance and subsequent disappearance of the lambs, Nan is happy to report that the little sheep were returned on Sunday!

As of the writing of this article, Mama, Papa and babies are doing well at Arbor Terrace. The little ones are excitedly anticipating Easter as evidenced by the cute little bunny ears they are wearing. Let’s hope that the Easter bunny doesn’t pull any shenanigans, and that the lambs are able to settle into their new home permanently. Nan plans to have a “Name the Sheep” contest within the next few months so stay tuned to the Life in the Bubble Facebook page and this newsletter for information on this and the continuing saga surrounding the Lambs at Arbor Terrace!

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