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Critter Sitters


Over 100 professional Critter Sitters visit pets all over Atlanta every day. You and your pet are consistently served by just one Sitter. You’ll get to know your Critter Sitter well. You’ll come to rely on their reliable, conscientious care when you can’t be there yourself. And when (very, very rarely) your special Sitter can’t make it, there’s reliable backup so your pet is always covered.

  • Free get-to-know-you call and meeting

When you call or email Critter Sitters, you’ll get our wonderful Carol (she’s been with us for more than 10 years) who will answer all your upfront questions and concerns.

She puts you in touch with your own Critter Sitter, who comes to your house for a free orientation meeting so you and your pet can meet and feel comfortable with your Sitter. This meeting is also how your Sitter finds out all your preferences, and just what your pet needs and likes.

  • Special needs are a specialty

Critter Sitters are familiar with the needs of very old animals, shelter animals with trust issues, animals that need medications, animals that are shy of strangers, and more.

  • Know what’s happening with notes, texts, calls

Critter Sitters communicate! They text, call, leave notes—so that you feel completely secure that your pet and household are doing fine. (It’s also just fun to see a texted photo of the day’s walk or the cat playing.)

  • Extra services at no extra cost

When you’re away overnight, your Sitter will also bring in your mail, water plants, turn lights on and off, and generally help make your place look lived-in.

  • Unbranded for your security

Our cars are anonymous, and Critter Sitters wear regular clothes, not uniforms or branded T-shirts that would announce your absence from the neighborhood. Sure, we’d love the exposure to other pet owners—but not at the cost of our clients’ security!

  • Become a “Key Client” for the most flexibility

Leave a key permanently with your Sitter (as thousands of our clients do) and you can:

-Arrange last-second walks when you’re suddenly working late

-Get weekend coverage when you get an impromptu invitation on Thursday

-Relax knowing your Sitter has your back when you forgot to schedule care for Christmas week…and it’s December 18th.


Contact: Elisa Marcus Price

Phone 404-377-5475 x576 or 404-308-8703


Veterinarian Approved

- Overnight stays - "Taxi" to and from vet offices, and groomers. - Pick up and return service - References gladly provided.

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