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Photo Credit: Atul Khasnis Photography

A Word From Our Local Dear...

Comments From A Local Deer.…A reporter with The Citizen recently interviewed a resident PTC deer about their problem of co-existence with area humans. Following in their own words are selections from that interview with a spokesdoe: “First, I would like to apologize for our kids and other members of our herd for occasionally eating some of the delicious plants in your yards. We try to teach them from a young age to feed only on natural grasses, bushes, leaves, berries and acorns that God put before us. But sometimes the temptations are just too great. Please remember that we were here first! You came in and clear cut our beautiful forested areas and built houses. That area previously provided us with abundant food. Humans then moved in amongst us. Although we find the majority of them to be extremely friendly, some think there are too many of us. I think we are an attractive species. For some reason people enjoy watching us. Let’s try to live together in peace.” “Let’s make a deal. We find plants sprayed with Deer-Off and Deer-B-Gone to taste terrible! Please use that spray on those potential edibles and we’ll stay far away from them. (NOTE: It’s available at local stores). Now, humans must give us a break on the streets. Too many of us have broken legs, or worse, as a result of encounters with your vehicles. Please slow down and watch out for us. I also want to remind you that the ‘rut’ is about to begin. Those bucks will be chasing us night and day. Hopefully, we’ll stay clear of the streets.” “One last thing. We are sorry about those dingleberries we leave in your yard. But when you gotta go, you gotta go!”

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