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Photo Credit: Atul Khasnis Photography

Zeal |zēl|


This Week's Word - Zeal |zēl | noun - great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective

How many people do you meet that go out of their way to be helpful in a retail establishment? We all expect that but I seldom see an extra effort to make the experience that exceeds expectations. Recently, I was shopping at Belk Department Store in Fayetteville. Most of the time when I am ready to check out, the counters have lines and sometimes it’s not a quick transaction.

This lovely lady at the cosmetics counter called us over to her area to check out quickly. She sensed that we were ready to check out and was happy to help us. I didn’t even know that you could bring regular items to the cosmetic counter. Julie is her name and she was so friendly and caring.

In addition to being thorough with each item I purchased, she had her own coupons available to help with the price. Julie has been with Belk for over 20 years. Now that’s rare to see someone staying at one place for that many years. She embodies dedication and I feel she is such an asset to Belk and to every customer that has the opportunity to be served by her.

Meet Julie as she posed with me for a selfie. When I mentioned that I wanted to write something about her friendly nature, she was so appreciative. The word I choose to describe Julie is zeal. She exhibits a true loyalty and devotion to her calling and serving of others.


Patti Kadkhodaian is a leadership and entrepreneurial expert who is passionate about small business strategies.

She and her husband, Frank own Golf Rider, a family business that has been in operation for two decades.

Being the founder and owner of Lead Grow Rich, Patti shares effective strategies for leaders and entrepreneurs to create more revenue and build stronger teams. Being a certified John C. Maxwell coach, teacher and speaker with world-class training, she has several programs available to take your organization and your personal life to the next level.

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