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Photo Credit: Atul Khasnis Photography

Noche Tacos & Tequila

When it comes to Mexican food I have a few standards that must me met in order for me to recommend. So when a friend of mine who works at the new Noche Tacos and Tequila asked me to come try it I was reluctant because if they did not meet my criteria I would not be able to endorse. The first part of the test is of course the margarita. Always on the rocks with salt, and it must be a pale yellow from the right amount of sour mix. Nothing bothers me more than when they use that soylent green mix resembling lime Kool aid.

I went to Noche for lunch and indulged in the 99 cent margarita. It was delicious and I was shocked at the fact that I could taste the right amount of tequila at that price point. Next on the test ... their salsa and chips. I was delighted to see the thin and crispy chips served with a fresh traditional salsa and a smoky chipolte salsa. Before I order guacamole in any Mexican restaurant I always ask for a side of avocado. Believe it or not there are still places that use guac from a can. When the avocado comes out I add it to the order of their guacamole to make it extra chunky. Their guacamole was good after I tweaked with some salt and lime.

As for the entree, there is only one for me at my first visit to any Mexican restaurant and that is the Chile Relleno. Having all the components of the Chili Relleno done correctly is the key. The meat should be well seasoned. The cheese creamy, the breading crisp and not to greasy and the key that so many places seem to get wrong is the pepper. It needs for be partially cooked before stuffing and frying. I cannot tell you how many times I've been served a hard chili on a scalding hot plate. There Chili Rellenos were perfect. I love how they serve their beans in a tortilla cup too.

When I found out they had Sweet Cheesy Cheesecakes it sealed the deal that I now have a new favorite Mexican place in the Bubble. I was too full to indulge in the cheesecake but I did bring home a piece of Guava that my daughter was kind enough to let me get a bite of. It was amazing! The prices are a bit higher than the usual Mexican places but I feel well worth it. Especially after that 99 cent margarita! Located where The Cuban Grille was at 282 Hwy 74.

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