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Photo Credit: Atul Khasnis Photography

Love My Town!

It just got easier to show your love for Peachtree City. “Love my town” is here — introducing a new line of Peachtree City themed gift and home decor products including notecards, magnets, matted & framed prints, paperweights, Christmas ornaments and decorative decor.

“Love my Town” was created by Leticia Andrade (whose stunning photography of Peachtree City and its surrounding areas is featured on each product) & Suzanne Wolberg — two friends, both enamored by the beauty of the town which they are proud to call home, Peachtree City, Georgia, USA. Having found in Peachtree City what they call a “dream” new hometown in which to raise their young children, they identified a void in the market for refined souvenir keepsake products celebrating the beauty of their town; not just for tourists but for residents who love their town as much as they do.

“This first collection is nature-inspired, featuring much of Peachtree City’s natural aesthetic. It is what we noticed when we first arrived years ago; what made this indelible impression on us,” explains Wolberg. “Right now we are preparing to unveil our next collection of products which will be more oriented toward celebrating the lifestyle we have here…carts & paths, our fabulous amphitheater, our 4th of July culture; the list goes on. Peachtree City has so many layers and it’s so fun to uncover and showcase them all.”

Hailing from small communities themselves, Leticia Andrade is from a village in the town of Petropolis, high up in the foothills of Rio de Janeiro. Suzanne Wolberg is from Califon, NJ, a picturesque village with not more than 1,000 inhabitants and no bigger than a mile. Both share enormous pride in these towns where they grew up; which ultimately shaped their lives. “I feel proud to live in Peachtree City. This is an incredible town where my family and I can enjoy the lifestyle that it was intended to offer. It is my wish that my photographs evoke this pride and allow others to feel what I do,” notes Andrade. It seems it’s working, because though new to the market, “Love my town” products can already be found at locations around town, including The Peachtree City Visitors Center, Sarah’s Home, Atlanta Market Furnishings, Pam’s Hallmark and Branch & Vine. For more information on Love my town, check them out online at: or

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