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Spring Cleaning

What the heck is a corn broom? In researching spring cleaning, Martha Stewart’s website offers an incredibly detailed description of how to clean and organize each area of your home. In the section about spring cleaning your porch, the website says, “Sweep up cobwebs and debris with a corn broom, and wash walls with a solution of all-purpose cleaner and water using a polyester sponge.” Seriously, am I supposed to clean the walls of my screened in porch all the way up to the 10 foot ceilings? Oh my, I am overwhelmed with spring cleaning, and I haven’t even started yet. I may be in over my head…literally. Oh, and again, what the heck is a corn broom?

My husband of almost 18 years is an uber Type A personality. He wants to have everything neat and tidy. I am the opposite. I am the more laid-back Type B personality. My philosophy is, “Dishes in the sink? They probably should soak overnight anyway. Kids looking for their favorite hoodie? Check the growing pile of clean laundry on my bedroom floor.” It drives my poor hubby crazy! When I told him that I was writing an article on spring cleaning, he laughed out loud. That’s when I decided to call on a professional for advice.

Since I am obviously no expert on cleaning, I called Jill from Priced Right Cleaning (770-310-5924) in Peachtree City for advice on how to get started and to get tips for making my house spic and span. To get started, Jill recommends getting rid of the clutter first. Clear off counters, desks, and tables.

After organizing and decluttering, the real cleaning can begin. Jill suggests starting at the ceiling and working your way downward leaving the floors for last. Using a duster, wipe down light fixtures and ceiling fans. If there are globes on the lights, take off the globes and clean both the inside and outside. Use a cleaning brush to get dust out of vents.

Moving downward, use a multi-purpose cleaner to clean windows both inside and out including the sills and blinds. Be sure to dust the sides, back, and tops of all furniture, and dust the cords to your television and other electronics. One of Jill’s favorite cleaning products is simply a mixture of vinegar and water. Some people object to the smell of vinegar, but if you don’t mind the smell, it acts as an excellent multi-purpose cleaner.

In addition to cleaning the kitchen as you normally do, Jill recommends dusting and washing the top of cabinets. Be sure to clean them all the way down including the knobs. For glass cabinets, clean both the inside and outside. Also, wipe down the outside of the refrigerator, and don’t forget to clean the grate at the bottom. Another area that is often overlooked during routine cleaning is the dishwasher. Clean the inside of the dishwasher as well as around the seals in the door.

Moving on to the bathrooms, clean the outside of the tub and cabinets, dust and wipe down all light fixtures. According to Jill, if you notice cracks in the caulk in the shower, mold and mildew can get underneath the caulk through these cracks. Unfortunately we have cracked grout in our shower so instead of calling someone to re-grout, looks like I need to call in a mold and mildew specialist to check underneath the cracks. Here’s what

I found on the web for local companies:

I also found this local company:

After working your way through all of the rooms in your home, the last thing to tackle: the floors. For hardwoods and tile, Jill recommends using a vinegar and water solution with a mop. Give it extra elbow grease, and be ready to get on your hands and knees for that stubborn dirt or petrified food. For deep cleaning your carpets, here are some good guidelines:

Part of spring cleaning is taking care of the details in your home that are often overlooked. Now that the beautiful weather of spring is here, we generally have more energy for tackling the tasks of organizing and cleaning our homes. Take advantage of that “spring” in your step, and use that extra energy to make your home sparkle! While you do that, I am going to kick back and relax on my screened porch with a cup of coffee!

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