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Photo Credit: Atul Khasnis Photography

Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

One of the most overlooked places to clean in the home is the carpets! Getting your carpets and upholstery cleaned makes one of the biggest impacts. This gives your entire home a clean fresh smell and makes it look great too!

Don't Forget the Doormats! This is one of the first impressions that your guests see when they enter the home. Make it a good and lasting impression.

Use a wet soapy sponge to wipe down baseboards, walls, and interior doors.

Clean Ceilings Fans with an old pillow case. This is a quick and easy way to keep all the dust from flying all over your floor.

Clean out and wipe down your Refrigerator. Don't forget to check the coils as well.

Clean windows with soap and water then wipe with a dry towel. This will leave you windows crystal clear!!

We hope these quick and easy tips help make your life a little easier!

Happy Cleaning!!


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