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Photo Credit: Atul Khasnis Photography

Boating on Lake Kedron

Located on the north side of Peachtree City and surrounded by neighborhoods like The Peninsula, The Point and Smokerise, Lake Kedron is a favorite of kayakers, canoeist and

bass fishermen. The 240-acre lake is owned by Fayette County and operated by the Fayette

County Water System and is open to the general public. Sailboats, rowboats and electric motors are allowed on the lake. Hydrocarbon or alcohol-fueled power boats or

other vessels so powered are prohibited. Anyone fishing or boating must comply with all DNR

rules and regulations. No swimming, skiing, scuba diving or other bodily contact with the water is allowed. Although canoes and kayaks often can be spotted on the banks of

adjacent homes, no private docks are allowed on Lake Kedron. Public access to the lake is

via the boat launch and dock on Peachtree Parkway North where there is plenty of car and

trailer parking.

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